Loud art



Expresions of Soul

Diving into depths of Mystery

About Me

My name is Sandesh.

I believe that art can express things that words alone can’t.

creating art is my passion since I’m a young teenager which brought me to learn graphic design at the “Deutsch Pop” and make my diploma in Game art at the “SAE Institute”.

I see myself as a generalist with skills going from 3D visualization, graphic design and animation to sacred geometry, holistic philosophy and music.

Each day I’m working on my independence so I can do what I love and I’m looking forward to help you with my service to do the same.


who is my work for?


It’s for everybody who

believes in their vision,

trust that their contribution has value for the world

and deserves to be displayed visually.

For everybody who seeks to become more independent,

to grow as human being,

come in their strength and life their true self.

Embrace their weird and uniqueness

and not only want the assignment to be done

but also want to be involved inside the creative process

My Service





3D visualization


Logo design

full development of your projects design.